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We invite you to stop, breathe and own your rest.

Made in Australia

Our mattresses are a celebration of European expertise, with the support of local Australian manufacturers.


The Signature S&B Mattress Topper

Our mattress topper is made to give your existing mattress the S&B personal touch. Add this quilted cloud-like topper to your space of rest and experience our unique approach to sleep. Available in soft, medium and firm.


The Signature S&B Pillows

If you're beginning your journey to a better night's sleep, our pillows are a good place to start. Made with Tencel™ fabric for softness and breathability, they come in four different heights. No matter your preference, whether you're a low, medium or high sleeper...or perhaps somewhere in the middle, we see you. We have support for every body.

Me & You Pillows

Our pillows are made from memory foam and are designed to elevate your sleep experience.

Visual Meditations

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of each moment with our mindful Practices. Discover the beauty of being present, focusing on your breath, and embracing the serenity within


The well rested can be everything to everyone, including themselves


Our mattresses go beyond fast furniture — we manufacture them to order. We take the time to learn about your needs and make the mattress just for you. Layer by layer, so you can sleep soundly all night through. They may come from a box but they're certainly not ‘off the shelf’.

The You & Me Mattress is crafted for two different bodies sleeping side by side on one bed. A mattress that can be personalised by weight, sleeping position and preferred comfort — it's a shared sleeping experience in harmony. You can sleep soundly on your side and your partner on theirs, with neither having to compromise on comfort.

The Original S&B Mattress is for those who simply want to choose between soft, medium or firm. The mattress as a whole can be personalised by preference.

Our mattress is specially designed to make your life more serene and to help set up that special place of rejuvenation just for you. This will be your ultimate place of rest; where you start and end each day — so it's important to prepare it with care. Before your mattress arrives, read through our instructions below, and get ready to begin your journey to a better night's sleep...

1. Clear a large space, away from any walls or furniture. This is where the mattress will be unwrapped.

2. Aside from the person(s) unpacking the new S&B mattress, make sure no other people, small children or animals are in the area. Our mattresses are heavy and can weigh up to 60kg (on that note, if available it is always helpful to have a friend assist you to unpack).

 4. Open the box thoughtfully and with care (we know it's exciting but take your time). Once out of the box, the mattress needs to unfurl and needs space and time so please allow that.

5. Clean up and dispose of any packaging materials immediately as they may be a hazard if they wind up in the hands of an infant.

6. As you know, we've created this mattress just for you. It's a personalised design. That means your position on the mattress is very important.

7. Stand next to the place your mattress will live, facing toward the direction of where your feet will rest. In this position, the S&B logo should be at the end of the bed on the right-hand side.


We pride ourselves on only using the best materials;

Natural latex is a perfect weight distributor because of its ultra high density.

We also only use high density GECO certified memory foam and high density medically graded GECO certified foam.

These materials are sturdy and make for the most supportive sleep experience. That's why our Queen size mattress is approximately 50kg, and the King size mattress approximately 60kg in weight. It's also why we recommend having a second person help you handle the unpacking.

Our mattresses are made in Melbourne. With the exception of the natural latex, all our foams are Australian made too.

All our mattresses are designed by experts, to provide support for a genuinely deep sleep.

Our medium mattress is popular with sleepers that like both medium and firm support. That's why we recommend the medium mattress as the safest choice if you are unsure between medium and firm.

If you're unsure about your preference, a good place to start would be to try our mattress topper first. That way you can experience our different support designs before committing to your mattress.

Our mattresses are not yet available to see in stores. However, we understand you may want to try your mattress before committing.

We're not about filling as many orders as possible, we're about truly curating a place of rest for you and your individual needs. That will always be at the forefront of everything we do. That's why we offer a 100 night free trial on all mattress purchases.

We've been crafting sleep experiences for a long time. So we know that low and high sleepers have the easier task when it comes to choosing a pillow-type. It's those who aren't sure that find it a little tricker to select a preference. That's why we created the profile pillow — each end has a different height, so you can rotate to find your ideal support. Check out our pillows now.

Natural latex is a gift from nature...created from tree sap. We use latex in all of our mattresses as it helps create even weight distribution. Our latex layer absorbs energy, so you can move parts of your body without creating an impactful 'bounce' that could be disruptive to your sleep.

High density memory foam forms the top layer for all our mattresses. Originally developed by NASA, this material moulds to your body and its movement, responding to unique pressure points to alleviate and support.

How? The heat from your body softens the foam along bodily curves and natural lines. The mattress takes shape around you but when your body is removed, it returns to its original form. The integrity of the foam is never compromised and neither is your comfort. When you lay down at the end of the day, even if your body's needs have shifted slightly from yesterday, you'll sink into support where you need it and where you need space you'll find softness.