Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is simply to rest

From Europe with love

Our parent company Pianpol Styla was established in Europe in the early 1990s; creating mindful sleep has been our business for over three decades.

We know that to go out each morning and conquer the world, you need to be able to come back to a place of rest. It's this true belief in the way our product can change lives that has been the driving force for Pianpol to continuously grow and innovate, becoming a European leader in mattress manufacturing.

From our family to yours

When second & third generation family members moved to Australia, Styla & Beckett was born. We combine our European expertise and love for the Australian lifestyle, with the support of local Australian manufacturers.

Our mattresses are crafted from premium materials that are sourced from ethically and environmentally sound origins.

Supporting every body on their journey to a better nights sleep

Most of our products can be customized in a very simple way. We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to. Our You & Me mattress allows you to choose your very own side and comfort level, to achieve a tailor-made experience.

We also offer our Original mattress, for those who just want to choose between soft, medium and firm.

Our pillows come in different heights, to suit your own unique sleeping style and if you’re not quite ready for a whole new sleep experience with a new mattress— try our mattress toppers. The addition of a soft, medium or firm layer can be a game changer.

Our designs were inspired by bringing European heritage and Australian lifestyle together. And we can’t wait to see them finding their way into Australian hearts, and homes.

Sometimes, the most productive thing we can do...is simply to rest.