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Your Personalised Pillow

Our pillows are made from memory foam and are designed to elevate your sleep experience. If you think you could be getting a better night’s sleep, a good pillow is a great way to start that journey.

The Signature S&B Pillows
The Signature S&B Pillows
The Signature S&B Pillows
The Signature S&B Pillows

Styla & Beckett

The Signature S&B Pillows

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Style:High Sleeper

A better sleep begins here...

We've been crafting sleep experiences for a long time. So we know that low and high sleepers have the easier task when it comes to choosing a pillow-type. It's those who aren't sure that find it a little tricker to select a preference.
That's why we created the profile pillow — each end has a different height, so you can rotate to find your ideal support. It's our most popular pillow.

The profiled pillow. Our best seller.

For the sleeper who wants it all. With two sides; one 8cm and one 11cm, you can rotate between different levels of support as and when you need them.

the low sleeper.

Our low pillow with high standards. A 5cm thin super-light, memory foam pillow.

the high sleeper.

Our high pillow for the height of support. A 14cm memory foam pillow.

the medium sleeper.

Our medium pillow for a great night's sleep. A 12cm memory foam pillow.


To allow airflow and a cooling effect, our pillows are perforated, while still maintaining the moulded memory foam support

Moulded memory foam

We know not every body needs the same kind of support, so our pillows come in four different heights; the low, medium, high or profiled sleeper — it's your personal choice

Tencel™ fabric cover

For a touch of 'pillowy' softness...