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Discover the beauty of being present, focusing on your breath, and embracing the serenity within.

What are

Visual Meditations

Our Visual Meditations are brief videos lasting about 60 seconds, crafted to enhance yourself-connection. They assist you in creating a loving space for self-discovery.

Each of these meditations is like a little piece of gold for your mind. They provide positiveimagery that can help soothe your mind, teaching your mind to focus on the positive.

Our visual meditations require a willing audience who can allow themselves to be carried intoa different realm. In this dreamlike land, connecting with visuals, music may help youconnect with yourself better.

the practise within

Mirror Neurons

Have you found yourself shedding tears during a movie? Or perhaps sharing a laugh with someone, even when you're not entirely sure what's so funny?

Mirror neurons enable us to internally replicate observed actions.

It's like learning by osmosis - absorbing skills without even realizing it.

Each of our Visual Meditation is like implicit training. Thanks to associative learning, our synapses get a workout, strengthening connections every time we revisit The Visual Meditation.

This is also why the repetition of Visual Meditation is so crucial.

How to Explore

Visual Meditations

Be sure to pick a quiet spot where you can fully immerse yourself in the experience.
Take your time with each meditation and revisit them as needed.

Focus your intention consciously and strive to remain present during the practice.

Select a preferred "home base" to anchor your attention. The home base can vary from person to person, but it simply means a place to return your attention to when unwanted thoughts arise. Whether that be visuals, music, your breath, or a point in the body, you can gently invite your mind back to your home base if it takes an unexpected left turn. Over time, this act will strengthen your concentration like a muscle.

This series can act as a warm-up before classic meditation or the main event. The choice is yours.